# Overview

Indrz is wayfinding application ready for onsite deployment at your university, college, or library. Online Presentation Slides to INDRZ (opens new window)

# Indrz Campus

Campus plans indoor and outdoor connected with your systems, facility management, Acad, room booking systems, campus-management or kiosk digital signage systems.

# Top 10 Indrz Campus Features

  1. Indoor wayfinding, routing from building to building, room to room, POI to room, any combination
  2. Indoor multi-level floor plans
  3. Share any location on the map, any room, any POI, any building or route
  4. POI (Points Of Interest) Management such as
  5. Onsite deployments, secure data ownership
  6. Available without any installation
  7. Multi-platform: mobile, tablet, desktop
  8. Flexible design to meet your corporate identity and unique style
  9. API integrations
  10. Barrierfree routes
  11. Search rooms locations, intergrate with people search at your University.

# Introduction

Offer your students or guests the best experience. The first experience should be a great one, starting with not getting lost and finding your way to anylocation the first time.

# Services

Indoor Maps Routing API: access your routes from A to B on any device in any APP, your own or a third party APP

Custom Map Production : need a print entrance billboard with navigation points for your visitors

# Benefits

  • Better orientation and space awareness
  • Unification and standardization of databases
  • Better data quality
  • Easier communication
  • Enhanced data connectivity
  • Unification and harmonization of data

# Getting started with indrz

  1. You contact us and fill out this online form form here (opens new window)
  2. We get in contact with you within 24hr and discuss per telephone your needs
  3. Set up a meeting and bring to that meeting a first draft offer including price quote
  4. Discussion, select modules, fix price, write 2nd Quote
  5. Accept / Decline / refine Offer
  6. Accept = begin so see part II for how that goes

# What do I get when I order indrz ? (campus, hospital, business, library)

Our offer always includes the Base Modules

# Base Modules and Services

  1. Data analysis, individual consulting, import We evaluate your data (CAD, JPG,PDF,...) and convert it into a digital form for the indrz application used by our indoor maps and routing. This includes:
    1. Data collection
    2. Data correction
    3. Data transformation
    4. Georeferencing
    5. Data import
    6. Unique ID attribute assignment from your system

# Responsive Design (mobile, desktop, kiosk, tablet)

The new indoor map will run on any device big or small on a html viewer. We guarantee the application will run under the following web browsers and the given version number listed in this table below. Browser Name Version

  • Chrome 55.0.x +
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x +
  • Microsoft Edge 25.x
  • Firefox 45.x
  • Safari 5.1.x

# Indoor mapping

We build the final map using our standard map styles and designs providing an awesome “look and feel” with our many years of cartographic experience.

# Sharing contents

The ability to share routes, waypoints or points of interest is done with simple links. These links can be placed in emails, skype chats or integrated in your homepage.

# Search standard

A standard search is provided out of the box. You are able to search the following objects:

  1. Building name
  2. Room number and name (if provided during import)
  3. POI points (if provided during import)

# Internationalization

Language support is built in for multiple languages. Currently the application supports the following languages. Feel free to help translate into your own language, translators are welcome.

  • English
  • German

# API (application programming interface)

Interoperability is a top priority and indrz is capable of integrating with any system due to its bottom up approach and architecture. Options / Modules All of our options and modules allow you to cherry pick what you would like to provide your users.

# Indrz cloud hosting per year (SAAS)

Our SAAS (Software As A Service) offers the following advantages:

  • Data security. Your data is hosted in Europe from the hosting provider Host
  • Europe servers in Straßburg Germany.
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer (fair play rules)
  • Data backups, with regular secure encryption
  • Automatic application and security updates
  • Availability 98%, Performance Tuning

# Enterprise on premise local installation

For those enterprise organizations that want the entire application and data on their own infrastructure this is the option for you. We do the complete installation and setup on any server architecture that you wish from Windows to Linux systems. Note that the OS is not covered by this plan and you are then also responsible for maintaining security and updates on your own servers. We are only responsible for the application software that we install.

# Routing / Wayfinding

A very important feature to allow users to find their way from A to B within your buildings. We build a network of ways inside your building data so you can route a user from any location to any location on any floor or building. Routes are calculated on the fly for maximum flexibility. Here is a list of some routing features: a. Barrier free routes (wheelchair routes) b. Mid points along routes c. Route to nearest bus station d. Route from building entrance e. Route from /to nearest train station f. Shortest path

# Search Extended Integration

Connect to your content management system (CMS) and deliver enhanced location search options. Upon connecting to your CMS we can now display this information on an indoor map. Using our API we can connect your application data to a location on the indoor map and have it searchable such as:

  • People
  • Departments
  • Lecture Halls
  • Events
  • Facilities
  • Anything else you might have

# Library Routing Bookway

With Bookway you can manage your bookshelfs. Route your users directly to any book location, any floor, any shelf anywhere on campus. Hyper local routing allows us to provide links to any book location dynamically from your search portal. As a user searches for a book they are provided with a link to the exact location of their book search results. Manage bookshelves and book locations with our online portal and remove the need to work with Excel. ... more info

# Print

The ability to print a map is extra. We like to save paper but for those who need a hardcopy this module is for you. You can print a map at almost any scale with any content to take with you on your visit. The application will generate a PDF that you can save and print from your computer.

  • PDF customization
  • logo, copyright
  • Title, Sub Title

# Meeting room signage

We are parnters from JOAN digital meeting room signage https://eu.joanassistant.com/ If you are interested in meeting room digital signs let us know.

# Custom map design

If our map styles are not your thing then this is your option. We can style the map as you like with your color scheme. Simply ask us to take you through the steps of styling your map.

# Home integration

Building our mapping platform directly into your homepage so it just works. We talk to your web master and get all the details sorted out so all you need to do is sit back and see your wayfinding work on your homepage.

# Integration facility management

We can integrate into any system simply ask us what you want to do.

  • Room booking systems
  • Facility management systems
  • Kiosk management systems
  • Digital signage systems

# Bookway

An image Find a book in your catalog and physically find it on the shelf are two different tasks. We do the latter and route users directly to the bookshelf. Manage book locations too!

An extension to Indrz Campus for your library. By connecting to your shelf management and OPAC can information like availability and placement be linked to the indrz. The routes are device presented independently, be it in the web browser, at the information kiosk or on all common ones Online Presentation Slides to INDRZ (opens new window)

# Top 5 Indrz Bookway Features

  1. Shelf management: know where every meter is located
  2. Labeling of shelfs
  3. OPAC
  4. RVK
  5. Custom library systems quickly configured

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