Michael Diener

Welcome to my digital CV


Over 20 years in GIS and spatial technologies, my current positions include:

07.01.2020 - nowPalfinger Structure Inspection GmbHEngineering Manager strucinspect.com
01.04.2008 - nowGOMOGI Geographic IntelligenceCTO Founder gomogi.com


Things I do

  • PEOPLE: Care about the happiness, wellbeing, and productivity of my engineering team
  • HR: design hiring plans, recruiting strategy, and manage interview process
  • TEAM: leadership, inspiration, mentoring, productivity and wellbeing
  • TEAM: Motivation: building autonomy, mastery and providing a purpose
  • TECH: Manage, review, design system architecture
  • TECH: Align IT stragtegy with business goals
  • FINANCE: Budget and resource planning
  • COLLABORATION: with operations, sales, marketing, finance, helping business move forward

For a copy of my full CV please contact me directly.

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