# Frontend

Gitlab (opens new window) hosts the main repo Mirror repo is at Github (opens new window)

This is the indrz (opens new window) FRONTEND repository. You can find our documentation project here indrz Docs (opens new window) in the folder content

Indrz is a web application for indoor wayfinding, mapping and routing. The platform is for example used by a University that wants to provide its guests, staff and students a web map platform to allow them to find anything on campus.

# Quick setup for development

The running frontend code is of no real use without it's best friend the BACKEND API (opens new window). Head over to get it started.

  1. Clone the repo git clone https://gitlab.com/indrz/indrz-frontend.git
  2. yarn install
  3. yarn run dev

If you have issues with your install these three little steps usually help

rm -rf node_modules
rm yarn.lock
yarn cache clean
yarn install

# Customize Style

View the /assets/custom_css folder to find here you can place your custom css styles

# Create production build

yarn run generate

Now just copy the /dist folder to your favourite webserver or static file server to serve it up using nginx, S3, GCP cloud storage, Netlify, you name it.

# Customize style

# Floor changer